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With our Never Forgotten Teddy Bear mold, make darling ice and chocolates to delight your children, while fond memories of your never forgotten Teddy move through you.

  • High Quality
  • Versatile
  • Functional
  • Attractive


High Quality |You will find using our Never Forgotten Teddy bear ice mold, that is made from the highest quality, food grade, durable, washable and reusable Silicone material, makes your ice stand out! You can use it again and again and it won't break!

Versatile | Perfect for making ice, chocolates, candies, soap and tiny candles, our molds can be used in variety of do-it-yourself projects. You'll find lots of ways to wow your kids again and agin.

Functional | These molds are heat-resistant for pouring hot liquids into and cold-resistant to put in the freezer to harden if needed. The flexible Silicone material makes removing the harden goodies easy breezy, saving you time and effort. It makes 1 cute teddy bear ice or a large solid chocolate bear.

Attractive | With our mold, your drinks and candies will add that finishing touch to your presentations at children's parties. You could have a whole theme and make all the different types of goodies from candies to ice to soap. Your party will be carried off successfully, leaving you relaxed and well loved by all children.

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